About Buckets For Hope
We collect 5 gallon food grade buckets, and never used commercial buckets and lids to be recycled and then re-purpose them for a better use. These commercial buckets in the picture were donated and shipped to Haiti in 2008 and are still bringing Hope. Almost 5,000 bucket have been shipped to Haiti prior and after the earthquake. Now buckets are sold and used to sponsor Healing Haiti clean water delivery project.
Sponsor  Buckets of Water
Each bucket that is collected is re-purposed / sold and the proceeds are donated to help bring clean water to residents without running water in  Cite'Soleil  Haiti. 
Why Buckets?
In Cite'Soleil Haiti a bucket is how the residents get clean drinking water.
‚ÄčThis young girl is pressed up against me for about 20 minutes to catch water from a leak in the hose. Her face tells me why there needs to be Buckets For Hope.

If you knew you could help would you?
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